Surface Mount Locks - The Guardian

Ensure maximum security within your facilities with "The Guardian", the newest member of the CPC family. We recognize that safety and security are top priority for any facility. The offset design of "The Guardian" prevents inmate access to the lock bolt, which is often left vulnerable with a standard narrow jamb lock.

Retrofit to Mount to Any Existing Frame
We are the Retrofit Experts. "The Guardian" is designed to replace any narrow jamb minimum-security lock. Our proprietary interlocking design can be retrofit to mount to any existing frame and can be provided with any of the 120 series of locks we manufacture regardless of brand.

Interlocking Design
CPC's proprietary, interlocking design of "The Guardian" prevents tampering and door-to-frame separation attempts by inmates from inside the cell. This interlocking feature also helps to maintain proper lock and strike positioning to ensure deadlock.

Reduced Renovation Costs
Surface mount locks provide less invasive installation than flush mounted locks, thus minimizing the duration and cost of renovation projects.

Customizable Functions and Mountings
"The Guardian" can be customized to address any of your surface mount lock needs. Customizable features include a double side-by-side mounted option, electric key switch functions, integral door position switch and highly visible LED status indicator.

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There's a clear advantage to doing business with CPC. We manufacture detention locks and parts designed as direct replacements for those of the original equipment manufacturers. Then we put in something extra - the responsiveness to your needs that the OEM's and distributors leave out.