Question & Answer

1. What makes CPC more responsive than OEMs?

We recognize the seriousness of the situation when you have a lock out of commission. We believe in giving the kind of service we appreciate ourselves. And we've put our money where our mouth is. To ensure responsiveness, we've invested heavily in inventory. You see, we never forget that when you need a part, you need it now.

2. How do I know you'll have what I need?

We manufacture and stock parts for use in Folger Adam, Southern Steel, Brink, Stewart Decatur, Willo, Adtec, Air-Teq, you name it.

3. How are your prices and services?

To answer that, we'll quote the California Dept. of Corrections: "CPC manufactures the majority of these replacement parts, as opposed to being a distributor, and therefore can offer competitive pricing and the benefit of timely in-stock delivery."

4. What's the advantage of ordering from someone whose sole focus is detention hardware?

You're not a sideline for us, you're our whole business. As specialists, we focus on the unique needs of existing facilities. And we meet those needs with the fast service, guaranteed quality and competitive pricing you need to keep things up and running.